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The Stone Eater (The Magic Eaters Trilogy-Book 3)

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Carol Beth Anderson

The exhilarating, romantic conclusion to The Magic Eaters Trilogy, a dystopian YA fantasy series like no other.


Can Nora take her father’s crown…before his dark magic takes her life?
Ulmin Abrios, King of Cellerin, has gone mad. He’s invading and terrorizing his own cities. 

Princess Nora, his estranged daughter, is determined to seize the crown and save her people. Along with her boyfriend Ovrun and her friends Krey and Sarza, she secretly returns to Cellerin.

As she plots to take down her father, Nora wrestles with her desire to find love. She knows how confining life in the palace will be. Could Ovrun—or any man—ever truly embrace the restrictive life of a king? 

Touring her land on a dragon’s back, Nora builds a vast team of supporters. But Ulmin’s mind is decimated by forbidden magic, and he’ll use any weapon, from torture to mental slavery, to protect himself. Even against his daughter.

With both the crown and her heart at stake, Nora must give her all to defeat her father. Otherwise, his tyranny will overwhelm the land…giving Nora no escape but death.

Buy The Stone Eater today and devour the final course of this epic series!