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Roberto Alomar: A Special Player

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Roberto Alomar set the standard for a generation of second basemen with a quick powerful bat, a smooth, steady glove, and seemingly endless range. Member of a Puerto Rican family of baseball stars, his grace, tireless preparation and poised presence resulted in a .300 batting average, 2,724 hits, 210 home runs, 474 stolen bases, and 12 All-Stars Games appearances. His 10 Golden Glove Awards are a position record. A model of consistency. Alvarado Sports Research

Many talk of the statistics that show the best second base player of the latest times in the Major Leagues, Roberto Alomar Velázquez. Others will pass their conversations to the controversy with umpire John Hirschbek when he was with the Baltimore Orioles. Without a doubt an experience that enriched his soul and human spirit into the professional growth the ‘Salinense*’ had.

They will also highlight the family that is the Alomar Velazquez family, with a baseball trio leaded by Santos the father, Sandy the oldest son and Benjamin Roberto. With honorific mention to the boss of the house María and the only girl among her brothers, Sandy.

To those of us who are looking for a book that inputs more than tasty statistics to exalt the figure of the 2011 Hall of Fame inductee in the journalistic notes, Roberto Alomar, a special player appeared